My blog in November on my all-time favorite movies elicited a number of responses from readers who had some other favorites to offer. These are some of their suggestions:

Shangri-La                                                                Wuthering Heights

Third Man Theme                                                 Shawshank Redemption

Ben Hur                                                                     Casablanca

It’s a Wonderful Life                                            The Sound of Music

For Whom the Bells Toll                                    Lonely are the Brave

…and from Donny Conn, The Italian Pizza Statues go to

Cinema Paradiso                                                    Swept Away

Life is Beautiful                                                       II Maestro

I wouldn’t disagree with any of these!  Musicals don’t always come off well on the big screen.  The Sound of Music, however was certainly an exception and was maybe the best musical of all time.

And now here are my picks for the best films of 2012. Aside from the fluff they serve up in the summer, this year had some pretty good films.

The Untouchables: A story of an upbeat, somewhat quirky caretaker who infuses his paraplegic patient with enthusiasm and adventure. Very up-beat.

Under African Skies: A documentary celebrating the 25th anniversary of Paul Simon’s Graceland album. It tells us how it came about. Including some of the problems he had to overcome and gives us some of the music from, the celebration concert.

Ruby Sparks: Not easy to describe, but a clever fantasy of a writer who writes the scenario and script for his romantic relationship.  When he types it, it happens.  A real sleeper.

Salmon Fishing In the Yemen: The book was good and the film was an equal. It’s the story of a wealthy Yemenite who enlists a British scientist to bring salmon fishing to this desert kingdom.  Very entertaining.

Searching for Sugar Man: A great documentary about a very humble Detroit folk singer who doesn’t do too well here in the U.S. but becomes a huge hit in South Africa.  Narrated mostly by his daughter he returns to the lower continent after 25 years to sold out concerts.  It’s a winner.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: A charming, highly entertaining story of the adventures and misadventures of a group of English senior who decide to retire in India.

Argo: A well-done, tightly directed film where they maintained the tension and suspense even though we already knew the outcome. Best all around picture.

They didn’t all make the Oscars list, but they were all well done, interesting, and entertaining.  If you missed any of these, it’s not too late to cheek out a DVD I think you will enjoy them.


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