Here is the enhanced fact sheet on my idea to begin a movement to create the AMERICAN CENTRIST PARTY. 


The recent history of attempts to start a third political party in the U.S. has not been successful.  They usually just help the major party candidate whose views were farthest from their own:  Ross Perot, John Anderson, Ralph Nadar.

The basic flaw in past efforts to create a third party has been the focus on a presidential candidate, not building a party.

A new third party, to be effective, needs to start from the bottom up—not from the top down.  That means finding congressional candidates who can embrace the basic principles of a platform which is fiscally conservative, as well as socially and culturally centrist.  At least initially they need not give up their affiliation as a Democrat or Republican.

When a sufficient number of congressional candidates are elected over 4 or 6 years, only then can a presidential candidate by presented.  Electing a third party candidate as president will accomplish nothing if he/she has no congressional support.

A Sample Platform For What a Potential Caucus And a Third Party Could Adhere To:

  1. Support a woman’s right to choose while providing more information and incentives for adoption.
  2. Reform the tax code to include a minimally graduated flat tax of 18 to 20 percent based on each year’s balanced budget, and a minimal national sales tax of (3 to 5 percent).
  3. Hedge fund carried interest and dividend income taxed as ordinary income.
  4. Capital gains taxed at 20%.
  5. Provide authorization for a line item veto and limitations on ear marks.
  6. Have an immigration policy which encompasses secure borders, annual quotas of guest workers, a path to citizenship, no citizenship for children of illegals, and no benefits for illegals.
  7. Reform of the Obamacare health insurance plan to include tort reform, allow insurance companies to cross state lines and increase deductibles and co-pays (including Medicare) to control costs and increase reimbursements for doctors and hospitals.
  8. Raise the eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare to 70.
  9. Raise the cap on Social Security tax from $113,700 to $250,000.
  10. Support the separation of commercial and investment banking.
  11. Do away with the Electoral College.
  12. Conventions and election cycles have to be shorter.
  13. Support legalization of gay marriage.
  14. Ban assault weapons and multi cartridge guns.
  15. Special tax on “fracking” production to research and promulgate regulations to environmentally safeguard the process.

A third centrist political party can be an energetic and effective force to break the current dysfunction and polarization in our congressional logjam.  It must be created by allowing it to grow from the bottom up.

I believe this idea is worth pursuing so I have secured the services of a research assistant from George Washington University to build a list of 50 or so prominent business, academic and political leaders and look into organizational issues.

The first of 3 communications went out February 25th to seek their endorsement and/or seed money.  I’ll let you know how we progress.



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  1. Outstanding idea. Very thoughtful and thought provoking. I agree on ALMOST everything in your 15 points. (What good would I be if I agreed to everything?!)
    Does THE CENTRIST PARTY have to be American? I’m remembering ‘American Communist’ and ‘American Nazi’ and ‘American Patriot’ and ‘American Independent’, etc. They all turned out to be unAmerican and not very good parties!
    Sign me up!

  2. Paul White

    Fascinating idea. The reason you feel that we need it is because those we elect seldom do what we elected them to do. Why not find and support a way to get rid of them by those of us that elect them? None of them seem to remember that our Founding Fathers did not consider that being elected was a lifetime job, but a way of providing public service and then go back to their regular jobs after a short time. Perhaps a way to start would be to put term limitations on Congress. It works on many state levels. I also note that you did not list making Congress join the Social Security and Medicare programs, and make them use 401K plans to provide for their retirement or, still better, if we get term limits, no retirement system for them at all. They’d get back to their regular jobs then.

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