It wasn’t about the last election. It’s gone on a lot longer than that. It wasn’t about the unresolved issues of immigration or the deficit, or even terrorism. It wasn’t even about whom mother liked best. It was about something more important than all that.

It was about which was better Oreos or Hydrox cookies. Of course I knew that Oreos was best. My sister, an otherwise very intelligent person, spoke for Hydrox. It was an ongoing contest and debate. We never committed to arbitration or mediation. We each knew we were right. The intense and aggressive arguments became the mantra of our childhood.

Just in case you somehow were denied this treat in your childhood Oreos and Hydrox were 2 round chocolate cookies filled with a sweet vanilla cream inside.

Most people dunk their Oreos or Hydrox in milk (ooh that’s the best). Some people take the cookies apart and ate the filling first (how undisciplined). My sister kept her Hydrox cookies in the refrigerator. I was aghast. I would never do that to my Oreos. How could she possibly want to eat cold cookies or dip them in milk?

Hydrox was born in 1908 by the Sunshine Biscuit Co. Oreos by Nabisco didn’t come about until 1912. Truth be told Oreos was trying to imitate the Hydrox cookie, but were clever enough to get people to think that Hydrox was the knockoff.

The adamant fans of Hydrox claimed that their cookies had a tangy, less sweet filling and a crunchy cookie that stood up better in milk (balderdash, I say).

Sunshine and Hydrox were purchased by Keebler about 1996 and sold again in 2001 to Kellog. In 2003, Kellog’s quietly killed off Hydrox after failing to dent Oreo’s dominance. On the 100th anniversary of Hydrox in 2008 Kellog’s brought them back because of thousands of phone calls and an on-line petition from devoted fans. That only lasted a year. Of course you know why.

Are Oreos better than Hydrox? It seems the proof is in the consumer’s votes. Since its debut in 1912, 362 billion Oreos have been sold in a 100 countries worldwide, making them the best selling cookie on the globe.

The Oreos are available in dozens of variations. I personally prefer the original. The United States of America is the number 1 consumer of Oreos, but can you guess who is number two – – its China who devour the green tea version.

I only wish my sister had been here to at least have some Hydrox cookies during the anniversary year they were available.


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