Our blog on April 3rd about the Oreo/Hydrox debate generated a number of comments, all passionate and biased on both sides.  Now we have an added wrinkle.

Check this out OREO fans.  I just found a blog by Michael Armstrong called “Strong Blogs” and his post on the “OREO SEPERATOR MACHINE.”

According to Michael, there is nothing more important than inventing this brilliant machine.  He opines that it’s a basic human desire to separate an Oreo cookie.  I personally never separated them, but my humanity is questionable.

Back to Michael, he says Oreo lovers mostly like the cookies or the cream inside, but trying to twist them apart can have some unintended consequences.

Along comes David Neevel, a physicist and cookie separator who created a mousetrap-looking machine that separates the cookies perfectly.

Sometimes a man just needs to invent a machine to do the exacting hard work in life.  Why take a chance of breaking the cookies when trying to separate them by hand?

Now if only David’s creation went one step further by separating the cookies and then dipping them right into the milk.  That would be awesome.

If you want to see the Oreo Separator Machine in action, check out David’s website at www.wk.com/person/david_neevel.

I’m sure you old crybaby Hydrox fans are moaning that this could have been the salvation of the Hydrox brand.

Nate to old friend, 35-year employee of Nabisco, Andy Anderson, here’s a chance to enhance your retirement by selling this contraption to your old firm for more stock options.


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