They weren’t all in one trip, of course.  Here is the list of the most impressive sights and locations I’ve seen.  They came from travels in about 80 countries and all seven continents.

They were impressive enough, I’d go back and see them all again.

  1. Victoria Falls in Africa
  2. Red Sand Dunes in Namibia
  3. Cape Grace Hotel in Capetown
  4. 30 stilt dancers in Mali, Africa
  5. Recycle market in Bamako, Mali
  6. Timbuktu on the southern edge of the Sahara
  7. Standing in Red Square in Moscow
  8. Rafting through the Grand Canyon
  9. Hiking in the Red Rocks in Sedona, Arizona
  10. Biking in the San Juan Islands
  11. Taking a sea plane from Victoria to Vancouver
  12. Bushart Gardens in Victoria, Canada
  13. Biking in Vermont in the fall
  14. Hoover Dam Arizona/Nevada
  15. The animal migration in Tanzania
  16. Safaris in Botswana
  17. Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa
  18. Sunsets in Maui
  19. The penguins and ice sculpture in Antarctica
  20. Helicopter over the volcano in Hawaii with lava flowing into the sea
  21. The Laundry in Delhi, India
  22. Taj Mahal in Agra, India
  23. All day trip from Chile to Bariloche, Argentina
  24. Amazon River – the people, the vegetation
  25. Lake Inle in Burma
  26. Luang Probang in Laos
  27. Canadian Rockies and Fairmont Hotels in Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper
  28. Spectacular scenery of Alaska
  29. South Island of New Zealand
  30. Igasu Falls in Argentina and Brazil
  31. Safaris in Kenya, different than Botswana
  32. The Nile River and thousand year old temples
  33. 2,500 pagodas in Began, Burma
  34. Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom in Cambodia
  35. Outstanding dinners in Lyons, France
  36. Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
  37. The setting of Capetown with Table Mountain as a backdrop
  38. Energy of New  York City
  39. Cathedral in Chartre, France
  40. The setting and energy of Hong Kong Harbor
  41. Great Wall of Beijing
  42. Terra Cotta soldiers in Xian, China
  43. The dam on the Yangtze River
  44. The pride I felt in Washington, D.C.
  45. The beach at the McKenna surf in Maui
  46. Visit to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
  47. The Fjords in Norway
  48. The charm of Bergen, Norway, Amsterdam, and Sydney, Australia
  49. The history and charm of London
  50. Hiking in Snow Canyon, St. George, Utah

Not sure if I can find 50 more as impressive, but I’ll keep trying.



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2 responses to “50 PLACES I’M GLAD I GOT TO SEE

  1. donald Nunnari

    what about Vegas?

  2. Kevin

    You have been blessed my friend. I only hope my list will be as long! 😉

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