Obama has become the reincarnation of Jimmy Carter and has nowhere to go, but out. He’s made a fool of himself (and us) on the world stage.  He has no clue on how to work with Congress or the world and doesn’t seem to care.  The Republicans at the same time are like the Palestinians who never let an opportunity pass by without digging a deeper hole for themselves.

The grand ole party managed to sabotage their own presidential candidate in 2012 and now they’re setting themselves up to be less relevant in 2016.  We’re witnessing a new Tea Party DOME scandal.

A pox on both their houses, I believe these truths to be self evident:

  1. Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a train wreck, not well conceived and a disaster about to unfold.
  2. It will never be repealed, nor denied funding, and the Republican knuckleheads will continue to lose by trying.  The worst part is if they even succeeded they have never offered a viable alternative.
  3. The ACA was misnamed and will not be affordable.  We are getting escalating healthcare costs, higher taxes, increased premiums and a continuing stagnant economy.
  4. It is absolutely necessary for the ACA to be reformed, not repealed and the Republicans have no clue on how to make it workable.
  5. There are too many waivers to ACA for big businesses and favorite friends, except the unions, interestingly enough, who were big supporters.  They’re now fighting it tooth and nail.
  6. The income of America’s workers will continue to stagnate as employers are making more and more workers part-time, with no benefits.
  7. Contrary to what you were promised if you join one of the new state exchanges, you may not be able to keep your favorite doctor(s) or hospital.
  8. The Obama eggheads who naively conceived the ACA don’t care how bad it is because they just want it to be a good step to a single-payer, government-run health system.  Like it or not, that’s where we’re headed.  You might as well get used to it.

David Frum, a CNN contributor and former speech writer for George W. Bush, recently said:

“We’re headed to a battle inside Congress that will pose its own grave threat to the U.S. and world economy.

“The most conservative Republicans n Congress are threatening to force default on the nation’s obligations unless the president agrees to defund Obamacare.  Less conservative Republicans prefer a milder version of the threat: not default, but merely shutting down the government.

“Either way, the country plunges into crisis – a crisis Republicans will eventually lose, as they have lost every previous round of this same game.

“It’s way past time for Republicans to find a better way.  These doomed all-or-nothing battles over Obamacare perversely strengthen President Obama.  As Republicans exhaust themselves in grand debates, Obamacare fastens itself ever more tightly upon the country and the states.  Obamacare offers large benefits to many Americans, and benefits once extended are very difficult to remove.  That should have been the lesson of 2012, and unless Republicans get wiser, it’ll be the repeat lesson of 2016.

“These are real-world political tradeoffs.  They are less exciting than the grand drama of repeal-or-bust.  But repeal-or-bust is much more likely to produce a bust than a repeal.  More productive is the challenge of reforming Obamacare so that the nation can live with its costs – and so that all equitably shoulder their share of its burdens.”

If you have questions about your health care, contact my friend Paul Pendorf, independent health care agent, at (800) 497-7504.  He’s up on Medicare supplement plans, drug benefit plans and Obamacare.


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