Back in the spring I posted a list of “50 Places I’m Glad I Got To See” (May 22nd).  The more I looked at the list, the more I thought I left some out.  Here are 25 more places I’m glad I got to see:

  1. Ahu Simle Temple and The Valley of the Kings on the Nile River
  2. The Cairo Museum – not well organized, but amazing
  3. Savannah and Charleston – the old south at its best
  4. The Panama Canal and Costa Rica
  5. Mendocino with all the water towers when it was full of art and jewelry galleries
  6. Tauck river boat on the Rhine and Moselle Rivers
  7. Russian landscape from Moscow to St. Petersburg
  8. Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca in Peru
  9. Hearst Castle and Cambria right here in California

10. Dubai and the Arabian Peninsula

11. Berlin – the old and the new, a charming city

12. Cruise across the Great Lakes

13. Cruise down the west coast of Africa

14. Barge trip in/around Dijon, France

15. San Francisco – any time

16. Zion, Bryce and Arches National Parks in Utah

17. Yosemite and Tahoe here in California

18. Israel – the history and the continuing struggle with their neighbors

19. The influence of three religions in Spain

20. Don Quixote windmills in Spain

21. Spending 24 hours at the Grand Canyon

22. Agrigento and Taormina in Sicily

23. Ching Le Terra in Italy

24. MesaVerde in southwest Colorado

25. The neon world of Las Vegas

With any luck, I’ll get to add at least 25 more.


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  1. Dan Goodstein

    Art, this relates to two of your prior blogs. On Nov. 6th you wrote that your “insurance company pays nothing until my costs exceed $2110 per calendar year,” and that, so far, you hand not reached that deductible. On Oct. 30th you listed your medical treatments including, among others, 2 pain management doctors, one physical medical doctor, 4 orthopedic surgeons, an MRI, CT scan, 2 back x-rays, an EMG (nerve) exam, and a partridge in a pear tree. All of that and you haven’t reached your $2110 deductible: what am I missing here? Dan

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