The following are off-the-cuff comments, in no particular order, on what’s going on in our world.  Some are important; some not.


As expected, President Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline Project after waiting two years or so in order to get past his re-election.  At this point, it doesn’t matter much.  We weren’t going to benefit from the oil; we would just have more good paying jobs.

Netanyahu Loses on Points

First, his speech to Congress was great theater about not trusting Iran, but he offered no alternative to negotiating a deal to delay their nuclear ambitions.

His only point was questioning the ability of Obama and Kerry as negotiators.  There is evidence to support that position.  They tend to give up too much.

Second, Bibi, as we insiders call him, did nothing with his speech to help him win re-election as Israel’s Prime Minister.  The election is still being decided.  Negotiations have started to see who can cobble together a coalition cabinet and be Prime Minister.  His next move maybe is to join our Tea Party or, as we should start calling them, “the uncompromisers.”

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

We don’t know all the details, but the bottom line is any kind of deal which delays Iran from getting a nuke is positive.  No deal accomplishes nothing.

Republicans in Charge

In the two months since the Republicans took charge of the House and the Senate, they have shown no evidence they can overcome the dysfunction between the Tea Party conservatives and the moderates.  Their attempt to defund the immigration overreach of Obama in the DHS budget was a fiasco.

With all the hooha about Obamacare, we still have seen no consensus alternative to repeal it or fix it.  Lord knows it needs fixin’.

Now 47 Republican senators have written a letter to the Mullahs of Iran telling them any deal will have to get the approval of Congress.

No. 1:  That is not true.  The president can sign it as an executive order, not a treaty.

No. 2:  It may be one of the all-time stupid things Republicans have ever done.

Birth Tourism is Exploding

We’ve had an increasing number of pregnant women from south of the border coming here so their children can be born here and therefore become U.S. citizens.

Now apparently we have thousands of Chinese paying $40,000 to $60,000 in orchestrated trips to do the same thing.

It’s way past time to put a stop to this accidental, dumb provision in our constitution.  It makes no sense.  While we’re at it, we should also ban dual citizenships.

How Obama Fails to Communicate

Everyone acknowledges he is a great speaker but even many of his ardent supporters agree he has not communicated his vision, his ideas and his plans clearly to the American people.  He lacks the charisma of a Bill Clinton or a Ronald Reagan but his greatest sin has been his reluctance to get on the tube in prime time and address the nation.

Ronald Reagan made 18 prime time television addresses. You can count Obama’s on one hand and our times are far more turbulent.

Kardashians Hit the Jackpot

Mama Kardashian signed a deal with “E” TV for her five daughters to be paid $100 million over the next four years.  That’s a while pile of money for a bunch of zero talent people.  No, I’m sorry, they have demonstrated an extraordinary talent for creating publicity about their indulgent and trashy life.

The Clintons Excel at Unforced Errors

The political dance team of Bill and Hill always seem to push their ethical conduct right up to the line.  Having a private email account as Secretary of State probably won’t cause too much grief for Hill, but accepting donations from foreign governments for the family foundation was a clear conflict of interest.

Oh well, just another notch in their routine, which includes stonewalling the media about their questions on both issues.  Her press conference on March 10th didn’t resolve much except her arrogance.

Presidential Primary

Scott Walker is the Republican flavor of the month, followed by Rand Paul, who wins straw votes in Iowa and at CPAC, but that’s probably the peak of his campaign.

Walker may last a little longer; but in 2008 and ’12, the early flavors didn’t gain enough traction to go much further.

Supremes Debate Obamacare Again

The Supreme Court held hearings during the first week of March on a new case challenging Obamacare.  Following the hearings, they met and voted.  A decision we won’t know about until June.

I believe they will uphold it, mainly because of their previous decision.  They may have one more shot when they debate the constitutionality of Obamacare originating in the Senate not the House.

The Legacy of Obama

Most historians are academics and liberal in their views.  They seem to think Obama ranks about 16 to 20 in the second tier of presidential accomplishments and effectiveness.  If there any conservative historians, I’m sure the ratings will be a lot lower.

OU Frat Rats Go Bonkers

Even back in my day SAE were the “wasp kings” of campus.  Guess it hasn’t changed much.  The racial rant of the two boys got what they deserved from the OU prexy and shutting down the frat house was a good move.


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  1. Has anybody seen my kool aid jug? I think Art got hold of it!
    The only thing you missed is the congress members who have never written an email. One of them ran for the White House and another is considered a contender. Welcome to the 21st century.

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