So, here I go again, thinking this was a really poor year for movies.  Lots of sci-fi, comic book and popcorn flicks, but you have to wait ‘til November and December to see any number of worthwhile films.

The year-long drought is what makes me think it’s such a poor year.

In the somewhat banner year of 2014, I nominated for best movies:

  • Fading Gigilo
  • The Skeleton Twins
  • The Lunch Box
  • Gone Girl
  • Chef
  • Selma
  • A Man Most Wanted
  • Turner

That was eight in all.  Turned out to be a pretty good year!

Here are my picks for 2015, which all came out in November and December:

Steve Jobs – a little wordy, which is what you get from Aaron Sirkin (the writer), and a bit more emphasis on his relationship with his daughter, but an entertaining, smart look at this arrogant and brilliant innovator of Apple.  Outstanding performance from Michael Fassbender.

The Martian – Took us through the plight of an astronaut, well played by Matt Damon, inadvertently abandoned on the planet Mars.  Capably directed by Ridley Scott in a well done flick.

Spotlight – Good cast, well done, gripping and impactful story of the small investigative unit at the Boston Globe who uncover the pedophile abuse that sets off a national and international scandal in the Catholic Church.

The Big Short – Good, somewhat complicated story of the events leading up to the subprime mortgage crisis which exploded in 2008.  The movie follows the activities of three groups of wall streeters who bet the collapse was coming.  Need to stay alert to follow all the machinations.

Brooklyn – Well adapted from the novel with heart-stopping work from the star, Sairse Ronan, and the rest of the cast.  It is the story about love and heartache, loneliness and intimacy, what home means and how we achieve it.

Bridge of Spies – Steven Spielberg’s superior directing skills and the fine acting of Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance do the trick in this spy thriller about an insurance lawyer who is recruited to defend a Russian agent and then attempts to trade him for our captured U2 spy pilot.

We were away for half of December, so we didn’t get to see three other highly rated films:

Carol (Critics Choice) – Starring Cate Blanchett and Creed, what maybe the end of the Rocky era, and The Revenant, epic adventure on the American frontier with Leonardo Di Caprio.

And then there were the also rans.  Only one this year in my opinion.

Grandma – Well done, cute and entertaining, except for Lily Tomlin who was very angry (I’m not sure why) throughout the whole movie.

If you add these up, that makes eight; the same as last year.  The problem is they all come out so late, that most of the year feels like a vacuum.


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One response to “THE BEST 10 MOVIES OF 2015

  1. Dan Goodstein

    Art, if you haven’t seen The Revenant: DON’T! On the other hand, if you root for the bears, you might like the first part but after that, it’s a complete BORE.

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