A few blogs back we tried to offer some opinions on why there seems to be so many protests and bubbling anger all around us (3/2/16).

One of our blog readers offers us another perspective.  He/she says, “If you wonder why we are seeing many protests and unrest, just take a look at what frustrated Americans have witnessed over the last seven years:

  • Attacks on police officers who are accused of hunting down black men.
  • A porous border that invites bad guys to smuggle people and narcotics.
  • A stagnant economy in which wages are declining and prices are rising.
  • A national security apparatus that will not utter the words ‘Islamic Terrorist.’
  • A culture that is overrun by political correctness and is hostile to religion.
  • A left-leaning press corps that describes conservatives as fascists.
  • Universities that charge exorbitant fees to indoctrinate our youth.
  • Cities that give ‘sanctuary’ to illegals, leading to vicious and deadly crimes.
  • A Congress that refuses to pass a life-saving measure like ‘Kate’s Law.’
  • Elites who imply that every ill in the world is somehow caused by the USA.
  • Race hustlers like Al Sharpton and ‘Black Lives Matter’ at the White House.
  • A Justice Department that considers prosecuting ‘climate change’ skeptics.
  • An administration that seems to ignore the deadly carnage in black precincts.
  • A former Secretary of State who falsely blamed four deaths on an Internet movie.
  • A refusal to bring up sensitive issues like the dissolution of the black family.

And then there’s:

  • A dysfunctional Congress that can’t seem to address our problems, no matter who is in the majority.
  • A spiraling national debt approaching 20 trillion dollars.
  • A Secretary of State who installs a private, non-secure, alternative email system.
  • The EPA’s unconstitutional attempt to impose cap and trade taxes that a Democratic Congress refused to authorize.
  • A family of political royals who subvert the law by funneling foreign money into their foundation through Canada and skirt every law they encounter.
  • An IRS who violates the law by denying applications from the people who oppose the administration.

It goes on and on.  Who wouldn’t be angry?

Donald Trump has tapped into the anger that is an understandable result of the above litany.  Like all of us, he is flawed and his rhetoric has at times crossed the line.  Trump should stop the QVC presentation, as Dennis Miller calls it, and outline some real solutions to vexing problems.  Go easy on the insults, begin outlining policy prescriptions.

And, by the way, it’s worth mentioning that many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters seem to be angrier than Trump’s fans.  They rail not against people who enter the country illegally, but against their fellow citizens who have done better in life than they have, at least in financial terms.  Bernie Sanders is the head of a ‘green movement,’ but that green is mostly about envy, not the environment.”

This may be a more accurate picture to understand why all the frustration and angry rhetoric that I believe may be a cry for help.  Only real effective leadership will be able to tone down the anger and find effective solutions.

At the moment there doesn’t appear to be that kind of leader on the landscape from either party.  I’ve always said, we survive the best of our leaders and the worst.  Hopefully that will continue.

We’ll just have to wait till we find a new leader to break us out of this mess.  What we need is someone who can speak like Obama, have the personal charisma of Clinton, the legislative connection like Johnson, the communication ability like Reagan and the steadfastness of Lincoln, who won the battle of keeping our country together.  Know anyone?



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  1. Paul Pendorf

    That describes me.

  2. Don’t think you’re a;one

  3. Gary W.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Just reading this blog increased my blood pressure. But I’m a persistent optimist so I believe help is on the way whether Trump or Cruz. Otherwise, all is lost and in response I’ll cancel Fox, CNN, etc. and exchange them for re-runs of Leave it to Beaver.

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