Worldwide, the Muslim population is estimated to be about 1.7 billion people.   That represents 22% of the world’s population and second to only the largest religious group, Christianity, which has 2.04 billion followers.

Here in America there are only about 2.6 million adherents, only one-half of 1% of our total population, a very small segment of our community.

Although only a small sliver of our country, there appears to be an increasing number of jihadist attacks here on our soil.  In addition, this small segment of our population appears to be asking for more and more special treatment in a number of areas.

The newly-arrived Muslims apparently came here seeking a better life; but now here, they seem to want to bring us their old ways.

So, beginning here and some follow-up blogs, we’ll try to examine and discuss the Muslim and jihadist influences that contribute to a cloud of uncertainty and possible danger to our way of life.

Part I:  ISIS and their goal to conquer the world

Part II:  What’s going on here in the U.S.

  1. Attempts to impose Sharia Law
  2. Demands for special treatment
  3. Influencing college students
  4. Why all the political correctness?
  5. Where is the Muslim community?
  6. The threat – real or imagined?

Part III:  Islam – Facts or Dreams, a perspective from the prosecutor in the bombing of the1993 World Trade Center trial

Part IV:  What we need to do to keep us safe

So, to begin with, let’s address our first area—who is ISIS and what to make of their goals to “conquer the world.”

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is an active extremist Islamist rebel group and self-declared caliphate in the Middle East and North Africa which claims to be a sovereign state, and as such has made announcements of territorial control and aspirations of worldwide control.  No other nation has recognized ISIL as a state.  Its goal is the creation of an Islamic state and finally, a worldwide caliphate, in accordance with Salafi Islam, by means of military jihad.  (“Levant” is a term that means, the eastern Mediterranean.  ISIL and ISIS, the Islamic State of Syria are the same.  President Obama refers to them as ISIL.  Almost everyone else calls them ISIS.)

The foundation of ISIS lies in the fundamental conflict between the Sunni and Shiite factions in the Islamic community.  It’s a complicated conflict that we have neither the space or understanding to explore here.

It is estimated that ISIS currently exercises control over some 10 million people in an area that might be as large as 30,000 square miles in Syria and Iraq, about the size of the state of Indiana.

In addition, either directly or through affiliates, they are increasingly involved in eight other countries.  They are thought to have about 30,000 soldiers under their command, a three-fold increase since 2013.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how much of a threat ISIS poses to the U.S., you’re hardly alone.

To be sure, nothing grabs our attention like the barbaric series of videotaped beheadings of Westerners, as well as the wholesale rape and pillage of all the towns they capture.  Almost every month now we are shocked by the suicide bombings in Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, Turkey,  Ft. Hood, Boston, Little Rock and dozens of other places here in the U.S. and around the globe.

Such horrors generate a visceral bloodlust as they march toward their goals of bringing this rampage to the entire world in the name of Allah.

It is simply incredible that on this planet a jihadist group comprised of about 30,000 savages can wreak this much destruction and still sit down to dinner tonight without any fear of reprisal.

President Obama has declared ISIS the Jayvees and said the U.S. military and our allies are determined to destroy them.  His dilly dallying has needlessly contributed to cost thousands of lives and the humanitarian crisis of millions of refugees.

Just one day before radical Islamist terrorists from ISIS went on a murder spree in Paris, President Obama declared that ISIS was “contained”!  And the media have virtually ignored that colossal misjudgment!

Singing the same tune, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “Given how ISIS fighters scattered the minute we hit them as they tried to take the Kurdish city of Erbil, these guys are not 10-feet tall and not as disciplined as everybody thinks.”

On the other hand, former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said, “They marry ideology with a sophistication of strategic and tactical military action.  They are tremendously well funded by capturing so many oil fields.  “This is beyond anything we’ve seen,” according to Hagel, “and we must prepare for everything.”  (That may explain why he got dismissed so quickly.)

We are repeatedly told that Islam is a religion of peace and the jihadists are only a fringe sect scorned and repudiated by the mainstream of Muslim clerics and scholars.  (I wish they’d express that scorn more loudly.)

Even the New York Times, one of President Obama’s staunchest supporters, has joined the chorus of critics on his lack of leadership and transparency.  “President Obama has not made the case for expanding America’s role in the fighting, nor has he given a forthright assessment of the resources that would be required.

“Since Mr. Obama authorized the first airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in 2014 to curb the rise of the Islamic State, administration officials have been vague, and at times disingenuous about the evolution of a military campaign that has escalated sharply.

“White House officials initially pledged not to commit ground troops to the effort.  They later deployed small teams on the ground, which have been conducting raids in Iraq and Syria.

“The Pentagon has refused, in recent days, to disclose how many American troops are deployed in Iraq.  Last year, Mr. Obama set a cap of 3,870 American troops, but the Defense Department has been exceeding it by not counting service members on short temporary assignments and those who overlap for a short period with units that are being replaced.

“Mr. Obama has not made a clear argument that giving the Pentagon free rein can lead to greater success against ISIS.  It seems inevitable that the next president will be dealing with this fight.  Mr. Obama would do his successor a favor by being frank with the American people about the struggle and choices ahead.”

A promising report from David Ignatius of the Washington Post, who accompanied our CentCom Commander on a recent tour of Iraq and Syria.

He said, “Our military appears to be at an effective level of strength with advisors, trainers and special forces.  Obama took quite a while to inject enough troops, but we are seeing some progress in demeaning the role of ISIS.”

“The government of Iraq,” according to Ignatius, is a corrupt disaster not respected by anyone.”

The background sources of information in preparing these blogs came from the following:  Wikipedia and Google, New York Times, David Horowitz’s Freedom Center, Thomas Moore Law Center, and Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom

We’ll pick up with Part II next month and discuss what is going on here in America, as well as the political divergence on this subject.


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  1. Gary W.

    Thank you, Art. Important topic. Unfortunately, the press again seems to be failing in its job to report what’s going on. Unless one reads the Wall Street Journal or seeks the information online, you wouldn’t think there was an ongoing conflict with Americans fighting and dying. Most Americans seem to believe Obama when he said he ended two wars. If no international news in your face, how would anyone know it’s just not true.

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