In our series on Islam and Jihad, we provided an overview in Part I of the ISIS worldwide threat.  In Part II, we outlined a litany of what is going on here in America.  We followed that with a perspective from Andrew McCarthy about the real meanings of the Islamic rhetoric.

Here in our final part, we try to offer a common sense menu of what needs to be done to not only contain ISIS but to effectively destroy ISIS and its influence here in America and the world.

Independent journalist Steven Brill spent a year exploring the question, “Are We Safer?”  His analysis in the September issue of the Atlantic Magazine concludes “the results are mixed.”

“We are definitely stronger and tougher after spending over a trillion dollars on our homeland defenses,” Brill says; however, he notes, “we face a more dedicated, aggressive enemy.”

He cites two steps we should take to help make us safer.  I’ll add 11 more to make it a baker’s dozen.

  1. The security of all the radioactive materials now used in hospitals and throughout industry needs much tighter safeguards in order to avoid their use as a component in a dirty bomb.
  2. We can go a long way to reduce the number of lone-wolf incidents as we have seen in Orlando, San Bernardino and Boston, by taking assault rifles out of the hands of the public. (There is no need for them for sport or defense.)
  3. Have our government stop insulting our intelligence by calling acts of violence in the “name of Allah” as workplace violence. It is clearly terrorism done by deranged Muslims.  They have made their Jihad clear.  We must call if for what it is.  You cannot win a war without naming your enemy as the first step.
  4. Challenge the Muslim community and its leaders to:
    1. Renounce Sharia Law in our courts that contradicts our constitutional freedoms. Religious organizations that refuse to do this, or are found to be teaching these aspects of Sharia, should be immediately reclassified as political organizations, not religious ones, and made subject to all the accountability to which political groups are ordinarily held.  Religious organizations that continue after this to teach Islamic Jihad should be closed and prosecuted.
    2. Denounce Islamic terrorism and the Jihad crimes against Muslims and all humanity.
    3. Start teaching in their schools and mosques that ISIS’s understanding of Islam is wrong
    4. Take steps to excommunicate the extremists.
    5. Reach out to tell Muslims who have come to America to assimilate into the American culture. The “millions of patriotic Muslim-Americans who reject their hateful ideology” are not doing anything to counter it.  There is no program in any mosque or Islamic school in the U.S. teaching young Muslims why they should reject the understanding of Islam that the Islamic State propagates.  Thirteen people were killed at Ft. Hood because U.S. Army officials were afraid to buck the politically correct culture and act against a Muslim officer who was in touch with Anwar al-Awlaki and had frightened his coworkers with his talk of Jihad.
  5. Tell the American people the truth about the ISIS threat and why we need ground troops, as well as air strikes, to destroy the caliphate. You cannot contain evil, you must destroy it.  The first step in truth-telling should be to declare war against ISIS.
  6. Send NATO troops to destroy ISIS and retake all the territory they are ravaging. An attack on any of NATO’s 28 countries is considered an attack on all of them.  So after the killings in Belgium, France, Turkey, and other member states, NATO should declare war on ISIS and the Islamic Jihad.  NATO also must challenge all Muslim nations to contribute troops and hardware.  We would then see which Islamic countries are truly interested in justice.  Right now, a small group of savages is terrorizing the world without much fear of reprisal.  ISIS believes it is winning, which leads to more recruits eager to blow themselves up in the pursuit of some fanatical religious goal.  American troops should be included in this NATO force; if necessary, all volunteers.  ISIS is a black plague marching through a permissive Europe killing at random.  If we do not attack these savages, the world will continue to absorb their violent terror and we will see more incidents here as well.
  7. Revoke the citizenship—of all U.S. citizens who attempt to join ISIS.
  8. Vet carefully all Muslim refugee entrants to America. If in doubt, decline admission.
  9. Restructure our foreign aid programs and alliances. America’s global alliances are still based on outmoded Cold War models.  They need to be reconfigured in light of the global jihad.  The old Cold War arrangements simply don’t make any sense today, and lead to ridiculous situations such as our NATO ally Turkey shooting down a Russian airliner that was on a mission against the Islamic State.  Is Turkey on the side of the United Sates or the Islamic State?  If the latter, as seems abundantly clear, Washington should not pretend otherwise.  Very simply:  No state that oppresses women or non-Muslims in accord with Sharia provisions should get a penny of American aid.
  10. Expand new energy sources—oil fracking has made a significant contribution to our energy independence. We must continue to explore all sources of energy, including expansion of oil drilling, as well as alternative sources, as long as we can keep them as environmentally safe as possible. We must achieve energy independence to insure our national security and have a more balanced foreign aid program.
  11. Pass congressional legislation HR3052 to ban the use of Sharia Law in all U.S. courts and petition the Supreme Court to annunciate their same position.
  12. End U.S. government cooperation with groups linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Fourteen years after 9/11, Muslim organizations with proven ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), exercise extraordinary influence in Washington (particularly the Obama Justice Department), as well as in the mainstream media.  Government officials should be banned from having any contact with organizations that the Justice Department had designated unindicted co-conspirators in cases involving jihad terror activity.  Would the Roosevelt Justice Department in 1943 have held outreach programs with groups that had demonstrable ties to the Nazis?
  13. Have Congress declare war on ISIS or, at the very least, “the use of military force” resolution. This will go a long way to open the door to educating our public about the danger and severity of this threat and clearly demonstrate our commitment to do everything possible to eliminate this deranged group of terrorists.  The arguments against this action are, in my opinion, without merit.

Well, I hope our series on Islam and Jihad has helped you gain a broader and better understanding of what is happening, as well as what we need to be aware of and what steps are needed to eliminate this threat to our culture and our democracy.


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