1. I’ve parted my hair on the left side for about 30 years or so. A few weeks ago I changed to the right side to see if it would cover up the growing bald spot on the left side.  Surprise!  There was just as big a bald spot on the right side.
  2. 89th Street between 3rd and 30th Avenue in Jackson Heights, New York was a good downhill street for sledding.
  3. If President Trump had started taking Tylenol PM and given up all his ill-advised tweeting, we all would probably have slept better.
  4. Why does everyone think their websites are so user friendly and easy to navigate? At least half of them aren’t, except for the techies who created them.
  5. I don’t miss working at all. I miss having a secretary.  Judy Hart, where are you when I need you?
  6. If they could move Hawaii two hours closer, I’d go for some weekends.
  7. I’ve never visited a national park I was disappointed in.
  8. Undercover Boss is an interesting TV program until the end when the boss unveils himself to the employees he’s deceived and offers them all sorts of largesse. If I worked for that company, I’d be pretty p.o. that those employees were getting all the prizes.
  9. Donald Trump was not a conventional candidate and he’s not a conventional president. We all need to get used to it.  He doesn’t always get his facts straight and he often harps on worn-out themes; but like it or not, he is pursuing and accomplishing quite a lot in fulfilling the campaign promises that got him elected.
  10. If there is not a two state solution in the Israel/Palestinian conflict, there is NO solution. Nothing else has any chance of being workable.
  11. Why did we think older people slept a lot when we were younger, when in fact most older people seem to have sleep issues.
  12. Television provides better coverage of every sporting event then you can see live, but you can’t feel the energy and excitement of a live sporting event watching TV.
  13. For charm, ambiance and smaller crowds, I like Vienna better than Paris.
  14. Will you sign my petition? I want to join the Beatles in their quest to make it “8 days a week.” We’d have 46 weeks in a year instead of 52.  And you wanna know why?  You see, at my age it’s hard for me to go to the gym two days in a row.  I need to go every other day; but with seven days a week, it doesn’t work too well.  So tell me you’ll sign my petition.
  15. Things my mother told me…
    1. Feed a cold, starve a fever
    2. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
    3. Eat your spinach, people are starving in Europe
    4. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish
    5. Slow down or brake into a curve, power out of a curve (that was probably my father)
  16. Trump is different (maybe even bizarre), but he was duly elected by the rules we have in place. Why are the anti-Trump people protesting, destroying property and distorting everything he does? Why are the government workers threatening to sabotage all the departments they work in?  This is not responsible opposition, it’s anarchy.
  17. The most exciting sporting event I ever attended was a Lakers/Knicks playoff game packed in with about 750 rabid fans in the Palladium here in L.A. The noise level and yelling over each basket was incredible.
  18. I am deeply moved to the point of tears when I hear music like “Memories” from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical “Cats” and by the underdog who struggles to reach beyond his grasp in movies like “Rocky I” or “Phantom of the Opera.” I feel their pain right in my gut.
  19. “Take heart,” the acclaimed management guru Peter Drucker said, “most executives make poor staffing decisions in spite of all they know about the subject.” By all accounts,” Drucker said, “an executive’s batting average is no better than 333. At most, 1/3 of hiring decisions turn out right and 1/3 are minimally successful and the remaining 1/3 are outright failures.”
  20. Nikki Haley, Trump’s new U.N. Ambassador, held a news conference after her first Security Council meeting. She said she was appalled and shocked the entire meeting discussed alleged transgressions by Israel with no mention of Iran, North Korea, ISIS, Russia or the other flaming atrocities being committed around the world.
  21. Marcus Lemonis, the host of CNBC’s “The Profit,” who buys into small, troubled businesses and works to revive them, has a simple guiding principle he uses to restructure: “process, people, products.”
  22. Can you imagine the Oscar was about to be awarded to the wrong movie? A lot of people think it was a set-up stunt. I’m not sure which is more unbelievable.  Could that happen at the Electoral College?
  23. There is an intense debate over illegal immigration in the media, the courts and among our elected officials. But what do the folks think? A recent survey conducted by the Harris Poll is a bit surprising.
    1. An overwhelming majority oppose so-called sanctuary cities.
    2. A slim majority oppose a wall.
    3. A slim majority support the executive order to suspend the refugee program for 120 days.
    4. A slim majority feel 100,000 Syrian refugees are too many.

Maybe the media, the courts and our elected officials ought to let the people end the debate.

  1. Trump’s address to Congress last week was in the presidential mode. Even his hair has finally become restrained.
  2. I have no doubt the Russians were actively involved in trying to influence or at least muddle up our election last year. Keep in mind that this is not something new; our CIA, as well as the Russians have been working to influence elections around the world for years.


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2 responses to “THIS N’ THAT IN THE NEW YEAR

  1. check out my website. I would be interested to hear if you consider it “user friendly.” http://www.InnMkting.Com

    Also weekend visits to Catalina Island or the Islands off Seattle may satisfy that Hawaiian craving. It’s like substituting yogurt for ice cream.

  2. Judy Hart

    You are something else! I love your random thoughts. Imagine the big grin on my face when I saw my name. Wow – I felt proud. I hope you have a wonderful day on Saturday. My thoughts will be with you. Love you, Art!
    P.S. Today is my 18th year anniversary with HCVT. I showed my boss, Jim, my name in your blog and he said, “That’s nice … tell him to back off”.

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