1. Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, in her seminal study on behavioral economics, told us we fear loss twice as much as we covet success.
  2. I still have trouble understanding how the Superior Court could define money as a form of speech in the Citizens United case which has opened the floodgates to astronomic amounts of money saturating political campaigns.
  1. The reason we elect so many flawed candidates is because so many people mistakenly believe that being able to articulate ideas is the same as being able to put ideas into action and make them work.
  1. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when some vendor asks me to call 1(800)ShopCVS and provides no numbers.
  1. I’ve never figured out why anyone wants to be a dentist.
  1. No big surprise, LaVar Ball, the Donald Trump of parenting, became the first to pull his shoplifting son Angelo out of UCLA. He didn’t like the punishment (still to be determined) his son would have to endure.  He’s going to try to play with his younger brother in Lithuania.  My guess is they’ll have a tough time finding an NBA team.
  1. All the impeachment noise has nowhere to go, unless Mueller gets Trump’s income tax returns. All the rest of the investigation will prove to be meaningless B.S.
  1. If you think the media has been critical of Trump, now that the tax bill is about to pass. They’ll go ballistic on him.
  1. How can President Trump look in a mirror and think he’s being effective despite absolute facts that counter his opinions?
  1. A year of Trump and all his blistering erroneous pronouncements has been enough. I’m ready for Mike Pence.
  1. Trying to rewrite and alter history is just plain dumb. Columbus Day celebrated the discovery of America, not a flawed man.  The same goes for the statues.
  1. Clare Valley Vinters in South Australia have developed a new hybrid grape that acts as an anti-diuretic. It is expected to reduce the number of trips older people have to make to the bathroom during the night.  It will be called PINO MORE.
  1. Why does HP require completely separate ink cartridges for each of the dozens of printers they produce? Hmm, I think I know why.
  1. Don’t you have to be able to read English to become a citizen? If so, why are ballots printed in multiple languages?
  1. Why isn’t English the official language of the U.S.?
  1. In the 1960s, leftists marched in Berkeley, California, holding up signs demanding free speech rights. In 2017, black-clad, masked leftists in Berkeley grabbed similar free-speech signs away from conservatives at a rally…and burned them.  Then the agitators physically attacked the conservatives—all for the “crime” of waving American flags and supporting President Trump.
  1. The constitution allows you to bear arms—a musket and a pistol when that was the standard. Why can’t we use the same standard?  You can’t legally own a tank and other military weapo0ns.  Why don’t we prohibit the ownership of all guns with more than five bullets or go to jail for five years.
  1. Why do people spend thousands of dollars to cover their whole bodies with indistinguishable tattoos?
  1. How can California allow illegal aliens to practice law?
  1. How can all the car advertisers find so many empty streets or roads to drive on?
  1. To expand on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s assessment, I think Trump is an uncontrollable, educated moron—but since his election, the stock market is up over 20%, the economy (GDP) is at 3% for the first time in nine years, we’ve done away with a lot of burdensome regulations, and we finally have ISIS running on empty.
  1. The whole transgender thing baffles me completely. I don’t understand why you want to do it, nor the demands you make for accommodation.
  1. The concept of sanctuary cities or colleges, etc. seems to me to be the first step toward anarchy.
  1. Why is it the Republicans haven’t come up with a sensible health care plan in eight years?
  1. How can the Democratic Party and the Catholic Church justify illegal immigration not for any moral righteousness, but only to feather and increase their numbers?
  1. The one major accomplishment in the tax bill coming out of Congress appears to be a reduction in the corporate tax from 35% to 21%, which may help stimulate some overall economic growth. The rest is a muddled, ineffective stab at tax reform.  It raises more taxes than it cuts.
  1. If the Republicans could find a leader, they could form a political party.

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One response to “RANDOM OBSERVATIONS IN 2017

  1. Gary W.

    Here’s the answer so many are looking for regarding Donald Trump’s success… he’s just lucky. Let me explain…

    He was lucky to be born into a middle-class, Queens, NY family that achieved a degree of success and wealth.

    He was lucky to have a father who trusted him enough to loan him $1,000,000 when he was a young man.

    Without any significant education other than an undergraduate degree, he was lucky enough to grow that initial loan into an internationally recognized brand and tremendously successful real estate conglomerate.

    He then went into politics for the first time running for president and was lucky enough to beat 16 of the best and brightest politicians vying for the opportunity.

    And in the most lucky of circumstances ever, he beat the heir apparent candidate who had lots more support and lots more money on her side.

    So the answer to Trump’s success is obviously “luck” and my only hope is that his luck continues for the next seven years. That’s because I don’t have his luck, but I’d sure like to be the beneficiary of it.

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