Here’s the end of our report on the busy activities and events going on in our world this month.

Immigration has become a nightmare

The immigration pot has boiled over.  Illegal entrants to our country have been an inflamed sore for a long time.  The hope of resolution has been mired in Dem/Rep politics for 50 years or more.

Two issues have been at the face of the current hue and cry about the inhumanity of our zero tolerance policy and our practice of separating children from their parents for up to 20 days who are awaiting deportation hearings.  Even though the separation policy has been rescinded, it has set off a volcano of sympathetic eruptions that has everyone screaming for an immediate resolution.

It’s just not that simple.

Don’t the illegals accept the risk of separation when they try to sneak into the country?

What happens when a woman goes to prison and is separated from her children?

If we followed the open border policy of the progressive left, we would end up with 40 or 50 million illegals and chaos in our budget and economy.

Here are the highlights of Trump’s 10-point proposal on immigration.

  1. 10 to 12-year path to citizenship for DACA eligibles (2.3 million)
  2. Limit family members to spouse and minor children
  3. Triple the number of ICE agents and have $25 billion for a wall
  4. End the visa lottery system until there is better vetting
  5. End catch-and-release and sanctuary cities

Doesn’t sound very draconian!  Why won’t the “open border” Democrats come to the negotiating table and forge a compromise to end all this border hysteria?  They’re contributing more to the problem than Trump.

U.S. State Dept. Requests Patience

The State Department recently reported they have received over 11,000 Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.  They say it may take 40 or 45 years to fulfill these requests.  So much for transparency.

Stockton Headed in a New Direction

Just not sure which direction it is.

Stockton, California, is becoming a laboratory for an idea capturing attention worldwide as a potential means of making life more economically secure for all.  It is readying plans to begin a trial of so-called Universal Basic Income, handing out cash grants to several hundred local families, no strings attached.

Finland has tested the idea.  Trials have been underway in Oakland and in Canada.  But Stockton is set to become the first American city to embrace the idea from City Hall itself.  Stockton wants to demonstrate a different aspect of basic income’s appeal:  its potential to alleviate the troubles of the working poor.

A Glimpse of the Future

The Chinese E-Commerce company reportedly is building a big new Shanghai fulfillment center that can organize, pack and ship 200,000 orders a day.  It employs four people—all of whom service the robots that do all the work.

Court Okays AT&T Deal to Buy Time Warner

A federal judge cleared the way for AT&T’s $85.4-billion purchase of Time Warner Inc., creating an entertainment colossus that promises to reshape the media business.

Judge Richard Leon’s ruling in the biggest antitrust case of the century is expected to pave the way for more mega-mergers and was a stinging defeat for the Trump administration.

The Justice Department sued to block the merger, arguing it would harm competition in the pay-TV market and raise consumer prices.  But speaking before a packed courtroom, Leon made it clear that the government had failed to prove any of its arguments against the merger during the six-week trial.

Nobel Prize or Impeachment

Since inauguration day in 2017, the Trump haters have kept up a relentless cry for impeachment when they take control of the House of Representatives next November.

What’s the impeachable offense—he stole the election, or that he’s an A-hole?

What if he gets the Nobel Peace Prize first?

Short Takes

  • California now has the world’s 5th largest economy
  • Warren Buffett and Bill Gates still aren’t into the validity of cryptocurrencies
  • The S.F. metro area now has 74 billionaires, the third most in the world; N.Y. has the most; Hong Kong is second.

Agenda for 2018 and 2020 Taking Shape

Both Republican and Democrat parties have apparently set a prime part of their agenda for the next two elections.  They intend to hold firm to their current positions on immigration.

Trump wants his 10-point proposal, outlined previously, to be the foundation of an immigration policy he will campaign on.  On the other side, the Dems will campaign against any attempt to block their “open border” stance.

They both think they have winning positions.

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