The Midterm Elections – A Split Decision

Unless you started your winter hibernation a little early, you know we had an election last week. There were no great surprises; the Dems took the House and the Repubs widened their lead in the Senate.

Both sides are claiming victory. The Blue Wave didn’t materialize. A divided Congress will produce gridlock and stagnation and a lot of noise in the House about investigations and impeachment, all of which will go nowhere.

A few interesting things: there are now 100 women in the House, first Native America and Muslim woman in the House, and the first openly-gay governor.

Granting Asylum Complicates the Whole Problem

Whether you’re talking about seven people or 7,000 all huddled together in a caravan, it’s easy to tell an immigration official that you want asylum in America. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

1. This is a business, a well-funded business by a group like Pueblo Sin Fronteras who organizes and recruits.
2. How do you check the accuracy of asylum claims in countries like Honduras?
3. If you claim asylum to a proper border official, they have to let you in—it’s the law.
4. You join a backlog of 700,000 and growing who are waiting up to three years or more to have their cases heard.
5. Even if you wait that long, do you bother showing up?

We can’t just open our doors and tell the world “you’re all welcome.” We would have chaos and costs.

Out of Wedlock Births Soar

In 1970, 10% of births were out of wedlock. In 2018, that number is 40%. The figures from the UN Population Fund breaks down: Whites, 30% out of wedlock, Asians 27%, Hispanics 57% and African Americans 73%.
Average for a first child in America is now 27. It was 22 in 1970.

Political/Sexual Correctness is Going Crazy

An actress, Kristen Bell, you probably know her. I mean, she’s got two little daughters, five and three. She tells Parents magazine that she is concerned about the message and Snow White the cartoon which was released in 1938. It’s 2018, so let’s do the math. This is 80 years ago.

Snow White was released, a cartoon, about a princess who is given a poison apple and falls asleep and is awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince. They fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. That’s Snow White.

So, Ms. Bell says no! NO-NO-NO! She says to the Parents magazine, “Don’t you think it’s weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission, because he cannot kiss someone if they’re sleeping.”
Where’s the “MeToo” movement when we need them?

State Licensing is now Required for Lots of Jobs

Licensing directly affects more workers today than union membership and the minimum wage combined, but it wasn’t always this way. Some government restrictions on who can perform what job have been around for decades. In the 1950s, one in 20 workers needed government permission in the form of a license to work. Today, licensing has ballooned to ensnare one in four workers.

Licenses are now required not just for doctors, dentists, and lawyers but also for shampooers, makeup artists, travel agents, auctioneers, and home entertainment installers. According to the Council of State Governments, 1,100 occupations were licensed in 2003.

When the President and the Press are at War, Everyone Loses

One of the strategies of guerilla warfare is for resistance forces to cause constant mayhem, thereby making it impossible for the establishment forces to govern. During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong communists were expert at disrupting the South Vietnamese infrastructure. That eroded the people’s confidence in the Saigon regime and drastically weakened it.

The same thing is happening today in America. While President Trump is branding many media outlets as “the enemy of the people,” he may be missing the larger picture.

Read almost any newspaper or watch network or most cable news, and you will absorb negative stories about the Trump administration ad infinitum. The latest being the President is partially responsible for the terror bombs and the Synagogue massacre because of his persona and rhetoric.

The cold truth is that the vast majority of the American press is fighting a guerilla war against the President, hoping to wear him out and turn public opinion against him. In turn, Donald Trump counter attacks and creates ill will toward the press by disparaging his constant critics.

Then the media complains about the “harsh rhetoric.”

This is one of the biggest cons ever perpetuated in this country. The fix was in the moment President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. The media chieftains and their corporate masters immediately launched a guerilla campaign to bring down the Trump administration. And that’s what we are seeing playout. It is far beyond ideological disenchantment. It is a brutal war of words designed to destroy.

Medicare For All – At What Cost?

The current Medicare plan for people 65 plus is a great plan; however, as the deficits keep rolling along, it will be bankrupt in five years or so.

At the same time, we have the progressive Democrats like Bernie Sanders and former president Barack Obama ginning up support to have Medicare for all.

According George Mason University, the additional cost would be 150% or 1-1/2 times our current national debt.

Doesn’t sound too practical to me!

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