Conde Nast magazine readers cast hundreds of thousands of votes for the best cities to visit in the U.S. Here is a list of the smaller cities with populations under one million and the major cities with populations over a million that the Conde Nast audience really liked.

Best Small Cities

1. Charleston, SC
2. Santa Fe, NM
3. Savannah, GA
4. Alexandria, VA
5. Sarasota, FL
6. Sedona, AZ
7. Monterey, CA
8. Asheville, NC
9. Greenville, SC
10. Key West, FL
11. Portland, ME
12. Napa, CA
13. Palm Springs, CA
14. Newport, RI
15. Santa Barbara, CA

Best Big Cities

1. Chicago, IL
2. New York, NY
3. New Orleans, LA
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Honolulu, HI
6. San Antonio, TX
7. San Diego, CA
8. Seattle, WA
9. Portland, OR
10. Boston, MA
11. Washington, D.C.
12. Denver, CO
13. Nashville, TN
14. Minneapolis, MN
15. Indianapolis, IN

In this survey, I guess L.A. is chopped liver. All interesting cities to visit.

In the Best U.S. Airline category, Delta ranks as No. 5, Southwest as No. 4, Hawaiian as 3, JetBlue as 2 and Alaska as No. 1.

In international airlines, the Top 5:

1. Singapore
2. Emirates
3. Qatar Airway
4. Air New Zealand
5. Aegean Airlines


If you’re not careful, too much information about a pending trip can make that trip almost anti-climatic. There is so much video, photographs and vivid deceptions available on the internet from professional writers and photographers to showcase destinations under relatively near-perfect conditions that you may be putting yourself in danger of being somewhat disappointed when you go.

That may also include too much conversation with people who have been there. That is particularly true if you’re going the hostel route and the conversations are with people who travel on an unlimited budget.

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