Each year I complain that there seems to be fewer movies to recommend. In 2018, I think we had some outstanding flics.

Overall, theater revenue was up about 6%, although attendance was down about the same.

This year I noticed, or I think I noticed, a discrepancy more often between the critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the audience’s opinion. For example:

Widows: Critics = 93% Audience = 63%
Green Book: Critics = 82% Audience = 95%
Bohemian Rhapsody: Critics 62% Audience = 90%

In case you missed my nominations for the films I most enjoyed in 2017. They’re probably still available on Netflix.

• Norman
• 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Miss.
• Darkest Hour
• Marshall
• Phantom Thread
• Rebel in the Rye
• Stronger
• The Big Sick
• Molly’s Game

So, in 2018 these are the movies I most enjoyed:

Hearts Beat Loud

Widower and aging record store hipster father wants to make music with his college-aspiring daughter who leaves in the fall for college in California. When a song they collaborate on hits big online, it complicates the plans of both. Entertaining!

Leave No Trace

Father and teenage-daughter live in the forests outside of Portland, Oregon, until their idyllic but spartan life is shattered and put into the social service system. After clashing with their new civilized surroundings, they set off to return to their uncluttered homeland. Well done!

Three Identical Strangers

Three college young men are reunited after being born identical triplets and adopted by three different families. The unbelievable feel-good story becomes a global sensation with fame and celebrity which sets in motion a series of events and discoveries. Intriguing, fascinating film with many questions.

A Star is Born

An outstanding new take on a 4th retelling of a tragic love story. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are terrific as the aging musician and the aspiring young, shy singer. As her career takes off, the relationship sadly fades. Well done entertainment!

The Old Man and the Gun

An entertaining romp from Robert Redford, who plays the gentleman rogue Forest Tucker, whose specialty is bank heists and jail escapes. The detective, Casey Affleck, and lover, Sissy Spacek, are captivated by his charm, albeit in different ways.

The Black Klansman

A gem from Spike Lee. A black cop works the phones to get his partner into the KKK using his name. It’s a great story with a satisfying sardonic ending. Well done in every way!

Bohemian Rhapsody

The critics didn’t like it, but I did. It’s a celebration of the innovative music of Queen and their fabulously famous lead singer, Freddie Mercury. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band until Mercury’s lifestyle spins out of control. It leads to a triumphant reunion and one of the greatest performances in rock history. Totally entertaining!

Green Book

A well-directed trip through the racial struggles of the early sixties in America. An Italian-American club bouncer from the Bronx is hired to drive a black concert pianist through the Midwest and the south. Worth seeing—interesting and entertaining!

The Mule

If you like Clint Eastwood, you’ll love his latest flick. It’s somewhat predictable, but he carries if off well in his own style and form. With contributions from Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia and Diane Weiss, as well as assorted gangsters. Entertaining and well done!

Honorable Mention

Book Club – not highly rated but fun and entertaining, with four seasoned actresses who tackle Fifty Shades of Grey as their current discussion selection.

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