• With all the advances in nutrition, physical fitness, personalized training and specialized coaching, why are so many professional athletes in every sport getting hurt? Do they play too many games? Are they not following the prescribed regimens?

• The road to the top executive ranks rarely goes to someone who follows a career in marketing.

• I’m very surprised there are not more interceptions in football.

• If you trespass on private property—that is to say, if you enter or attempt to enter private property—you are committing an illegal act. The property owner may shoot you or call the police and have you arrested. You will then be subject to and have to suffer the legal consequences of your action. Our borders are no different than private property. It’s just that simple. That’s the crux of the immigration problem and the solution. Open borders for “humane” or “moral” reasons are still condoning an illegal act.

• This has been the most turbulent, tumultuous and somewhat bizarre presidential administration we have ever witnessed; with all that said, the Trump presidency has accomplished a number of significant achievements, i.e., a stronger economy, better trade relations and some tax reductions.

• There is nothing government can give you that it hasn’t taken from you in the first place. –Winston Churchill

• There is too much showboating in professional football.

• When will they ever stop making us change our passwords?

• When will they ever honor the passwords we gave them?

• As great as the creation of electricity and the computer and the internet has been, I believe the greatest invention of the last two centuries has been the flush toilet.

• No incumbent president has ever lost a primary re-election.

• Why can’t they get better about predicting the weather more accurately?

• It’s very frustrating to keep getting phone calls and no one appears to be on the line.

• If you think the roads are in bad shape, try riding a scooter on the sidewalk.

• When publications use stock paper, don’t they know some of us older folks have trouble getting the pages apart?

• I don’t miss work one bit, but I sure miss having a secretary.

• With all the advancement in packaging, some products seem to be welded into their cardboard carriers.

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One response to “THOUGHTS ON A RAINY DAY

  1. Gary W.

    You gave President Trump short-shrift in your description of his accomplishments. In addition to a stronger economy, better trade relations and some tax reductions, allow me to note:

    – unemployment at 50-year low
    – 310,000 jobs added in December
    – Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh
    – Got us out of the Iran deal
    – Moved our embassy to Jerusalem
    – Got hostages back from N. Korea
    – Completed new NAFTA (i.e. USMCA) Agreement
    – Took back 99% of ISIS territory taken since Obama retreated from Iraq
    – Improved relations with N. Korea
    – Prison sentence reform
    – Longest government shutdown in US history
    – And more….

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