OMG! I work up Monday morning and found out I’m 88 years old. That’s a big number! I don’t know how it happened or what to do about it.

As was my usual bent in my school years, I must have skipped the class on how to be 88. With no training, I guess I’ll just have to keep shuffling along.

I have a degree from the University of Connecticut. Not sure how I got that either because I spent more time trying to espouse my liberal ideas to solve the problems of the world, railing against the unjust civil rights in the South and playing pick-up basketball.

Today, I have no political party to represent me. I’m a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. I don’t like either party and they don’t like me. At the same time, I can’t remember when I liked a sitting president.

• I’m in general good health, except for my back, which makes walking difficult and keeps me uncomfortable—and now a neck ache.

• Experimenting with pot at my age has been a real trip (pardon the pun) but hopefully I can find the right dosage to alleviate the back discomfort.

• I go to the gym four times a week for an hour or so and it makes me feel alternately good and exhausted.

• I miss traveling and friends who left along the way.

• I sleep okay. I just wish it was more at night and less during the day.

• I yearn for the good ol’ days—no passwords, no tech devices continually breaking down and spending hours with tech support people to remedy.

• Each year has been harder for me to deal with the California cold.

• Sorry I never learned to type.

• I’m starting to have dropsy, physically and mentally, too.

• Today they call me Scooter Man, because I stopped driving last August.

• If only it had a heater and a radio, in addition to the four wheels, I’d be all set.

• I was a teenage socialist concerned about civil rights and the inequality of wealth.

• Today, I’m still concerned about those two issues, but I’m convinced:

o Capitalism is the best and only economic system that works.

o Socialism is the enemy of the achievers and the motivated.

o The only way to alleviate the wealth inequality is to bring the bottom up, not the top down.

o I do not believe climate control will kill you, but we’re the only one’s trying to fix it.

I preceded ET and made my escape into the wild blue yonder, leaving the spaces outside of NYC. All in all, getting old hasn’t been easy, but neither was growing up.

Life has been an interesting adventure and I’m glad I had the chance to live it. Although not quite done, I’d like to do more, write more blogs and enjoy the passing scene.

Better quit here before I forget what I was writing about.


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5 responses to “THE STATE OF MY STATE

  1. Donald Genovesi

    Happy birthday my friend

  2. Paul

    And many more!


  3. Judy Hart

    I loved this blog. You are such a wise man. Please keep writing the blog. I hope you got my Happy Birthday email. Give my regards to Gabrielle, Ellen and Steve.

  4. Ditto Judy Hart. Love your humor – always did.

  5. Paul W Pendorf II

    Enjoyed this one very much Art.

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