It’s summer! It’s usually quiet with not much going on, but this year has really been pretty active with a lot of things happening. So, let’s start with:

July 4th Celebration

Trump wanted to celebrate, so they organized a parade of military might and drew a sizable crowd (even with some rain) to the Lincoln Memorial, where he gave a somewhat patriotic speech.

The Trump haters were critical of the whole thing; called it over-the-top and a total waste. His supporters loved it and the independents kind of liked it.

That’s why his poll numbers were up the following week.

Rock and Roll Through Two Sizable Tremors

Haven’t had any for a while. I guess we were overdue. Fortunately, they were way out east in a sparsely populated area.

When Jacob Margolis felt the biggest earthquake rumbling across Southern California, he didn’t panic. Mr. Margolis thought, “Everything is going to be totally fine.” If you’re now thinking this guy knows something you don’t, you’re probably right.

Margolis, a journalist, spent months researching what to do when a major quake hits for the podcast he hosts, aptly titled “The Big One.” We asked Mr. Margolis for some advice. Here’s what he said: “Do not run to the nearest doorway when you feel it start.”

Mr. Margolis said the idea that doorways are the safest parts of buildings is a persistent myth that seems to be traceable back to the 1800s, when the doorway of an adobe home was the only thing left standing after a big quake.

But Mr. Margolis said you may instead get hit by a swinging door. Or, if you try to move while the ground is rolling below your feet, you could break a leg or an ankle.

“Just get under a table and cover your head,” he said. That’s not a myth.

Keep a pair of shoes next to your bed and move heavy art or mirrors to places where they are unlikely to fall on you. The shoes, Mr. Margolis said, could come in handy if you’re trying to get through your home without stepping on broken glass.

Get your earthquake kit together while it’s on top of your mind.

Get your plan, and your most important documents, together. Having any documents you may need for disaster recovery will be critical for getting federal aid.

Women Triumph in Soccer World Cup

A fantastic achievement! It was great to watch, and lots of people did. It was an exciting team effort!
Unfortunately, Megan Rapinoe, the team captain and MVP, turned everything she could to the Megan Rapinoe show and her political views.

Ms. Rapinoe took and manufactured every opportunity to tell us why she wouldn’t go to the White House, if invited, and why she doesn’t like Trump. Wasn’t too cool or necessary.

Bernie Goldberg, HBO sports commentator and political analyst, had this to say:

“Sports used to be the place where we went to get away from the daily barrage of politics. I grew up in the shadows of the Yankee Stadium. I grew up in the Bronx. I didn’t know Mickey Mantel’s politics. I didn’t know Yogi Berra’s politics. I didn’t know Whitey Ford’s politics. I don’t think those guys knew their own politics. But that was a long time ago. That was then and this is now. I don’t approve of what she said. I don’t approve of the way she said it or the place that she said it. I don’t approve of any of that.

I was asked by one of the people on my website, ‘Shouldn’t she have been fined or banned for life for what she said?’ I said, ‘No.’ No, that’s not what we do. That’s what the hard left does. So while I don’t agree with anything that she said or how she said it or where she said it, and while I believe that sports is the place that we need to go to get away from all of this stuff, I don’t want to see her banned or punished.

Writers and Agents Still at War

With lawsuits and vitriol flying on a weekly basis, the Writers Guild of America West and the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood have reached that stage many couples know so well: when you finally decide to go to therapy to either save the marriage or figure out the best way to end it.

Statistically, it is usually the latter. And though no doubt most writers would prefer to have their agents back, it must be said that the mass firing demanded earlier this year by the WGA when the Assn. of Talent Agents refused to accept its new code of conduct, did not, despite dire predictions, bring on the apocalypse, or even disrupt staffing season much.

There is far more money to be made in television production than in representation, but doing both represents a clear conflict of interest—even in marriage counseling, the first rule is: Do not use a therapist one of you has been seeing individually.

The question is, who could sit in the big chair in the middle and either find a compromise between the WGA’s “Yes, you will” (stop packaging and working with “in-house” production companies, and go back to representing like we’re paying you to do) and the ATA’s “No, we won’t” (because we’ve been packaging for years and this is how the business works now) or figure out how to tell the kids and divide the assets.

Where’s Dr. Phil when we need him?

What is a Legitimate Boycott?

The far left loons want everyone to boycott Home Depot, because Bernie Marcus, one of the co-founders, now 15 years retired, apparently donated money to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

That just has no place in a democracy and, in my opinion, is un-American. I’ll continue to buy anything I can at Home Depot.

Colin Kapernick is the former NFL quarterback who knelt in protest during the national anthem. No NFL team has hired him for those disruptions, but Nike has put him on the payroll—as a footwear consultant. I doubt it.

I will not buy a Nike product while they support his very questionable protest at the wrong time in the wrong place.

In the same vein, I will have nothing to do with star soccer player Megan Rapinoe and her self-serving rants against President Trump and her imagined oppressions. She’s toast in my book.

Crystal Cathedral Has Re-Opened

Once the symbol of Robert Schuler’s success, the 128-foot-tall glass edifice in Garden Grove was sold to the Diocese of Orange and is now a remodeled Catholic church. Designed by Phillip Johnson, it’s the largest glass building in the world.

It’s an exciting place to visit, no matter what your religion.

Democrats: 0 Mueller: 0

The Democrats struck out with the Mueller July hearings. He gave them nothing that could help their impeachment crusade and he sometimes appeared unsure about what was in the report.

Mueller claimed not to know about the fake Fusion GPS report, funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, as well as the fake FISA warrants, which should have been under his purview.

As I predicted in June, the special counsel proved a little more political than independent.

Schiff and Nadler will need a new hobby.

We’ll have more next week.

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