I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, I’m an Independent albeit probably a conservative Independent. I have a problem identifying with the orthodoxy or either party.

The Democrats are turning more toward social programs funded by the government and I’m not at all sure where the Republicans are turning.

In 2019, I changed my mind about a few things:

1. I no longer support doing away with the Electoral College. The popular vote allows too much influence for the big major cities—once again the founding fathers were right.
2. I firmly believe in climate change, I just am not sure how much is contributed by men nor am I confident all the large countries will do their part in making necessary changes.
3. The concept of “privacy” has been exaggerated to an extreme which has worked against the majority of law-abiding citizens.
4. I recognize some of the failings of capitalism but it is still the greatest and best economic system in the world and has helped more people advance than any other system.


I’m going to count to 3—the frustrated call of all parents trying to raise a mischievous kid. I’m going to count to 3 and you better… It’s really an age-old cry for help. I’m going to count to 3 and you better stop doing that, better come home, better eat your…

With all our technology, you’d think we’d have found a better way.


Ranking U.S. Companies by the Priorities of Americans

Just Capital and Forbes have rated U.S. firms based on factors that matter most to the American public, like fair pay, ethical leadership, customer privacy, environmental impact and job creation.

Here are the top most “just” U.S. companies according to their analysis: Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Salesforce, Alphabet, PayPal and P&G.

Microsoft’s top spot is a result of its “particularly strong track record on how it serves its workers, communities, and the environment,” according to Just Capital.

Compared with averages for the Russell 1000, the 100 companies in the listing pay their median workers 31 percent more, give 8.4 times as much to charitable causes, have 25 percent more women on their board, and are 32 percent more likely to have established environmental policies. They also score a higher return on equity, by six percentage points.


A Social Civil War is in Progress

A new poll says 70 percent of Americans believe we are on the verge of civil war. They are wrong. There’s no verge. A social civil war is in progress.

Two primary reasons why: Never before was it acceptable to call your country racist or to demand taxpayers pick up the tab for the health care expenses of illegal aliens.


How accurate is the Horowitz Report?

Last week, the Inspector General of the Justice Department, Michael Horowitz, issued a more than 400-page, long-delayed report written over an eight-month period. In this report, Horowitz basically said just two things: first, that the FBI was dishonest in seeking surveillance warrants on the Trump campaign; and, second, that no political bias was in play.

Upon hearing that, fair-minded people all over the country said…really?

So Michael Horowitz is convinced that the most sophisticated law enforcement agency in the world is incapable of properly requesting a tap on a presidential campaign, perhaps the most important investigation the FBI has had since the 9-11 attack.

This is incredibly hard to believe and Horowitz’s boss, Attorney General William Barr, does not believe it either.

He essentially told the nation that Michael Horowitz is full of it and hinted that criminal indictments against some FBI people will be forthcoming.

I guess it takes longer to write a whitewash than straight facts.


If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.


Impeachment is as distant as world peace.

To Satisfy our Future:

• We have to stop sanctuary cities and open borders. They both lead to anarchy.
• Everyone should have a photo ID card to vote.
• The House of Representatives should have 4-year terms and be limited to 4 years.
• Raise the cap on Social Security tax to $250,000 along with the median age to 70.

So, all in all, what kind of year was it?

The economy remained strong and the increasing talk of a possible downturn or recession got tabled. Trump’s trade wars didn’t hurt the storekeepers all that much; on the contrary, his trade wars seem to be having some success.

The Democrats, in desperation, elected a few nutty reps and are trying to turn the party to the social domestic agenda of Western Europe, in spite of their lack of success, and have focused all their attention and energy on responsible governing and fighting Trump with endless investigations instead of countering his annoying behavior with programs that will defeat his re-election.

If Trump would shut his annoying mouth, he would have had a pretty good year. Nobody likes him except at least half the country.

• The economy is strong
• Unemployment is way down and employment is way up
• His aggressive trade negotiations are beginning to work
• He has appointed a record number of judges
• He’s survived an endless stream of investigations

With the stock market jumping up and down, the craziness of the politics in both parties, and the general sanguine in the country, it was a pretty good year.


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2 responses to “OBSERVATIONS & THOUGHTS ABOUT 2019

  1. Nice summary Art. You express something here which is a frustrating matter for yourself, for me, and I suspect for a substantial number of Americans. That is the trend to funnel everything into only one of two orthodoxies. I am likewise neither rep or dem: I am disgusted by both parties. IF we are to survive as a republic Washington, the two major parties and our media establishment must be scattered to the winds. We are in a civil war. We just haven’t started shooting yet


    I consider myself a constitutional conservative and have never supported a President more than this one. My only gripe is we are winning too much. Please slow down Mr. Pres.

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