BillO’Reilly.com – The Second American Civil War

Well, the second American Civil War is now underway.  It began when a Minneapolis police officer brutally killed George Floyd.  So far the radicals have taken the offensive, creating a scenario that the United States is a racist country that must be dismantled and replaced by a new woke power structure.

The traditional forces, understanding that reform should be implemented, nevertheless despise the radicals for their psychic and physical violence.  Traditionalists don’t want to “defund” the police and watch criminals run wild.  They don’t want statue destruction, corporate boycotting, and everything else the radical left is trying to impose.

Rodney’s Weekly Wrap – July 2, 2020

The U.S. Economy Regained 4.8 Million Jobs in June…The unemployment rate dropped from 13.3% to 11.1%.

What It Means – Bill Cosby claimed his grandmother had the best answer to the question of whether the glass is half full or half empty.  She explained that it depended on whether you were pouring or drinking.  It’s all about context.  Gaining almost five million jobs is fabulous, including the two million in leisure and hospitality.  But now we’re shutting down parts of the economy again, so how many of those jobs will remain?

Anderson Economic Group Estimates Damage From First Week or Vandalism and Looting at $40 Million…Protesting and vandalizing or looting aren’t the same thing.  Protestors can shot down businesses by blocking access on roads or sidewalks, but they don’t break glass, spray graffiti, or steal stuff.  Those activities are criminal.  The Anderson Economic Group estimates that looting and vandalism between May 29 and June 3 in the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. cost about $400 million, including property damage, lost inventory, cleanup, reconstruction, and closure-related lost wages.  This was for just one week, and the estimate was certainly on the conservative side, because the group only included verifiable instances of unlawful activity.  The group assigned no cost to lawful protests.

Union Bank – Protect Yourself or Someone You Love

We are all vulnerable to financial exploitation, and seniors especially so.  Always stay on alert for common scams like offers that are too good to be true—usually money you supposedly won—or a “technician” calling out of the blue to fix a non-existent problem on your computer.

Whether you are enjoying your golden years, know an older adult or are caring for a loved one, a few preventive measures can make a big difference.

6 tips to stay protected:

  • Shred receipts, bank statements, and unused credit cards before throwing them away
  • Lock up your checkbook account statements and sensitive information when you have visitors
  • Never provide your Social Security Number, accountant numbers, or other financial information over the phone unless you initiated the call and the other party is trusted
  • Assign a trustworthy person to act as your agent in real estate matters
  • Check references and credentials before hiring anyone to help with chores in and out of your home

Warning signs to watch out for:

  • Sudden changes in bank accounts or banking practices, including unexplained withdrawals
  • Abrupt changes in a will or other financial documents
  • Unexplained disappearance of valuable possessions

If you suspect someone is being exploited

  • Talk to their friends and/or loved ones to find out what is happening
  • Report the exploitation to the Adult Protective Services in your area
  • Call 911 or your local police if you think they are in immediate danger

The Economy May Not Survive Lockdown 2.0

  • The government’s crisis stimulus is expiring this month. Can the economy survive without it?
  • The Fed is committing to lubricating the economy for now, but people and businesses are wary about borrowing money.
  • John Ross shows you what will happen next.

“Dear World,

“Tens of millions of Americans are set to lose $600 per week of income after July 31.

“That’s when the unemployment benefits supplement expires.

“And the timing couldn’t be worse.

“Unemployment benefits were boosted in March.  The federal government wanted to help bridge the temporary economic black hole caused by the pandemic lockdown.

“And $270 billion of stimulus checks were written to ensure Americans could weather the storm.

“One estimate says this added $3 of extra income for every $1 that was lost to the economic lockdown.

“That’s crazy.  And it was welcomed by many.

“But that money is almost gone, and it threatens the economic recovery investors have banked on.

“This breakdown of American incomes from January through May shows the looming problem:

“Americans’ incomes jumped by 10.4% in April due to stimulus checks and unemployment benefits.

“But income dropped 4.2% in May.  That’s even with many of those benefits still in effect.

“That’s a dismal indicator for the months ahead.

“Those stimulus checks have been cashed and spent.  And when the supplement expires at the end of this month, unemployment benefits won’t make up for lost wages.”

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